Professionally Trained Facilitators
IMC’s proprietary CloudBurst® helps organizations generate new ideas, build consensus and resolve
complex problems. CB facilitators utilize the “Technology of Participation” process to maximize member
engagement, commitment and change. All CB facilitators hold certificates in both Large Group
Facilitation and Strategic Planning Implementation from the Institute of Cultural Affairs

Components CloudBurst® Gold CloudBurst® Silver CloudBurst® Custom
Certified CloudBurst®
Sessions Mon-Fri
8a – 5p
Nights / Weekends
Pre-Event Benchmark
Emailed Reports
Customized lesson
plans and workbooks
Post-Event Survey,
Debriefing & Report
Facilitator Evaluation
Unlimited IMC Access by
phone, fax, email, or text
No-Risk Guarantee
Estimated Facilitator Hours 12-16 6-8
Total Investment /
Per Person
Call for Pricing Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

* Limited to one person per account
** 10% discount for full payment in advance
Minimum 50% deposit to hold dates. Balance due with final reports


Customized Agenda, Lessons, And Workbooks
Each CloudBurst SM session begins by creating a customized agenda, lesson plan and workbook
designed and built to meet the client’s unique objectives, timeline and budget. Adult exercises based on
the American Society for Training & Development standards ( are designed to increase
lesson retention and communication, build trust and teamwork, and help make learning fun again!

Post-Session Reports
All session notes/results are typed and delivered to the participants electronically within 24-hours.

Pre-Session Survey
These surveys help executive leadership and participants consider and respond to potentially sensitive
organizational issues in a safe and confidential environment prior to facilitation. Responses are tabulated
and presented anonymously by the CloudBurst SM facilitator for discussion. These surveys sharpen
facilitator awareness, pique team interest and engagement, measure attitudes, and lay the foundation for
change by addressing the conflicts that most frequently affect strong teamwork and goal achievement.

Post-Session Survey
These surveys identify individual and group progress made after training or behavior modification. The
post-survey is typically conducted 30-60 days after the last CloudBurst SM session. It helps remind
participants of the commitments made and asks them to specifically identify, observe and demonstrate
changed behaviors, values, rewards and communication. People believe what they SEE!

No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee
IMC’s commitment to excellence means every CloudBurst SM carries our money-back, satisfaction
guarantee. All participants measure their own satisfaction by completing a 20-point survey evaluating
both skills and character traits demonstrated by the CloudBurst SM facilitator.

Unlimited Access
This IMC premium service affords clients unlimited phone, fax and email access during the duration of
any project. Eliminate unplanned cost overruns. Enjoy maximum communication, focus on project
outcomes and no hourly fees for any questions or issues related to the current project.

CloudBurst Commemorative
Each participant receives FREE access to a video picture book filled with photos of their session time
together. This powerful tool improves memory and creates lasting benefits. The video may feature
commentary or quotes and helps strengthen the connection between participants and their results. It is
available for FREE download and SHARING anywhere in the world.

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